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All items are handmade and sizes are approximate.

Personalized Horseshoe with Name
Auxier Creek Forge Favorite! Personalized Horseshoe with Name (up to 9 Letters)


As an artist blacksmith I am proud to produce the finest in hand forged ironwork, each piece created by hammer, fire, and anvil, drawing from generations of craftsmen the processes, designs and nostalgia of a time gone by. I appreciate what was made and how a piece was made a century and a half ago, then to reproduce a similar item using antique tools and techniques, incorporating my own expression in design and function. I honor the traditional nature of the craft, knowing that a blacksmith from 1850 could walk into my shop and comfortably start working. My work is labor intensive, yet I find immediate satisfaction, for I see the work take form, from start to finish. If we are to understand where we are going as individuals, as families, as communities, and as a country – then we have to understand where we have been, and I believe that’s where the knowledge of traditional crafts has the greatest value.